“Military Ban vs. Transgenders will do them a Favor”–Top Trump Aide

On Twitter, President Trump recently announced that he’d be prohibiting transgender people from serving in the military. This will effectively dismiss around 15,000 active and reserve service members.

The Trump administration has been defending the decision, though no order has been issued and transgender people are still serving.

Trump’s basis for the ban

In a radio interview, Sebastian Gorka, Trump’s top adviser, explained the rationale behind the decision. Gorka noted the studies that found high suicide attempt rates among transgender people, saying that they should not be put into a military environment where chances are under pressure to kill or be killed.

“The ban does them a favor”

Thus, Trump bars them from serving the military out of his “consideration for this population.”

Trump’s aide also said that the military should not be subjected to “social engineering” or be considered an “ideological petri dish.”

US gov’t is meant to represent everyone, not just one part of America

Gorka further remarked that the government is here to represent not one part of the country but all of it. “We are here to protect all Americans,” he added.

The high officials of the British armed forces expressed their support for the U.S. transgender soldiers. In the UK, transgender service has been allowed since 20 years ago.

More mental distress of transgender people seen

Psychology experts expressed concern about Trump’s recent announcement against trans service. “While the high rates of suicidal thoughts are true among the trans people, factors like discrimination and rejection push these rates up, resulting in more mental distress for them. By denying them employment, it will only make their mental well-being worse,” said Laura Kelsey, a psychology professor.