Opinion: Does Trump Really Deserve Our Respect?

President Donald Trump has been in office for more than 7 months. Way before he was elected, he had been spewing one controversial statement after another. With the personality he is showing, it is ironic that he holds the highest position in the most powerful country in the world.

The presidency deserves our loyalty

Are U.S. citizens supposed to hold the President of the United States (POTUS) in the highest regard and give him steadfast respect? Of course, by virtue of his position alone, the current president has the right to the loyalty of the people he serves, especially those who elected him and trusted him to be the most capable leader in the next 4 years.

The frustrating thing, however, is that he has done almost everything to make people lose what little respect they have for him before he assumed the highest position in the land. His tweets alone prove how he has gone out of his way to show to the world the exact opposite of how a president must conduct himself.

Although most of us have been taught since childhood to respect the presidency and the person who holds the title, Mr. Trump has been making it hard even for the most diplomatic person on Earth to give that to him.

Respect is earned

Respect is earned. If a leader is expected to be a role model to his followers, then what is Trump showing us? If the leader who is supposed to champion people’s right against discrimination, then why are we hearing about his hate speech against certain races? Why are we seeing a president demeaning the disabled? Where did he get his guts boasting his sexual assaults in public?

All these behavioral issues point to one thing: the president severely lacks diplomacy, self-control, and good judgment.

This piece is not meant to just bash the president. Our aim is to hold him accountable for his words and actions. After all, he is the POTUS.

About the Author

George Davis is a political science professor who believes in accountability and integrity of public office. His views do not represent that of the October Surprise editorial board.

“Military Ban vs. Transgenders will do them a Favor”–Top Trump Aide

On Twitter, President Trump recently announced that he’d be prohibiting transgender people from serving in the military. This will effectively dismiss around 15,000 active and reserve service members.

The Trump administration has been defending the decision, though no order has been issued and transgender people are still serving.

Trump’s basis for the ban

In a radio interview, Sebastian Gorka, Trump’s top adviser, explained the rationale behind the decision. Gorka noted the studies that found high suicide attempt rates among transgender people, saying that they should not be put into a military environment where chances are under pressure to kill or be killed.

“The ban does them a favor”

Thus, Trump bars them from serving the military out of his “consideration for this population.”

Trump’s aide also said that the military should not be subjected to “social engineering” or be considered an “ideological petri dish.”

US gov’t is meant to represent everyone, not just one part of America

Gorka further remarked that the government is here to represent not one part of the country but all of it. “We are here to protect all Americans,” he added.

The high officials of the British armed forces expressed their support for the U.S. transgender soldiers. In the UK, transgender service has been allowed since 20 years ago.

More mental distress of transgender people seen

Psychology experts expressed concern about Trump’s recent announcement against trans service. “While the high rates of suicidal thoughts are true among the trans people, factors like discrimination and rejection push these rates up, resulting in more mental distress for them. By denying them employment, it will only make their mental well-being worse,” said Laura Kelsey, a psychology professor.

Trump Slams GOP Senators after Obamacare Repeal Bill Failure

The Republican senators are the targets of the recent Twitter attacks by President Donald Trump.

“Looking like fools”

Disappointed by the GOP senators’ failure to stop the Democrat senators from completely controlling the U.S. Senate, Trump said the Republican senators looked like “fools.” The president has been pushing for the slimmed down Obamacare repeal bill.

The president’s tweets urged for a change in Senate rules so that the 60-vote threshold for legislation is removed and that Republicans can better push their agenda with a 51-vote majority. “The Senate, according to Trump, should go to a 51-vote majority rather than the current 60 votes.

Why the struggle?

Political analyst Dave Hunterton sheds light on how come Trump’s campaign regarding the health care law struggles to deliver even if he has gained control of all levels of government.

Despite the Republicans having the control of both the lower and upper chambers of Congress as well as the White House, Democrats have been successfully blocking Trumps’ party from passing a health care reform bill.

“There are many Republican senators who actually like particular parts of the Obamacare, and their constituents seem to agree. Millions of Americans are dependent on this health care law for coverage and are afraid to lose their benefits,” Hunterton said.

This fact casts doubt on the perceived potential success of the 51-vote threshold, considering that there are some Republicans who voted against the Obamacare repeal.

Trump’s attempts to change Senate rules

Trump made a personal appeal to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to get 51 votes, but it seems the U.S. Senate leader is not too keen on changing the rules in favor of the president’s wish. McConnell has earlier dismissed Trumps, appeals, saying that the reforms would not happen because a great majority were not interested in how the legislative body is working on the calendar.